How we help you

Our job is to help you drive top-line revenues to new heights by innovating, improving and aligning your sales and marketing efforts.

Value Based is a multi-generational mix of innovative, creative, results-oriented individuals committed to a common set of values: honor, excellence, hard work, life balance, family, community and sustainability.

Established in 1992 by founder Jim Allen, the company includes young entrepreneurial along with seasoned sales and marketing professionals, along with a select group of partner organizations.

Our goal is to increase the revenues of our clients through the design and delivery of best-of-breed sales and marketing methodologies, technologies and tools.

How we do it

Our experience spans 24 years and 100+ engagements affecting the revenue production of hundreds of organizations and over 5,500 sales, admissions and marketing professionals throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

We recognize and understand how to correct underperforming sales and marketing functions within an organization. We work alongside your team in a contractual relationship to help you increase and sustain revenues through the 4 P’s: People, Promotion, Process and Presence.

Our solutions are crafted to produce optimum revenue results for organizations representing many industries: Technology, Education, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Financial Services.

Your challenge

The sales and marketing game has changed. Global and personal economic challenges, increased competition, new technologies and ever-evolving best practices/processes have disrupted business as usual. It’s no longer about product/service or feature/function superiority; it’s about avoiding commoditization through value creation and communication.

Current research reveals that organizations throughout the world are rebuilding revenues by prioritizing four strategic areas:

  • People: Recruiting and retaining the right people for each role in sales and marketing departments.

  • Promotion: Designing and deploying state-of-the art, best-of-breed sales and marketing methodologies, technologies and tools.

  • Process: Innovating, implementing and embedding sales and marketing best processes.  

  • Presence: Creating and curating a culture that unifies and aligns sales and marketing people and processes.

The market is now asking sellers a fundamental question: “What value are we creating and experiencing by investing in your organization and what you deliver?”

We can help you answer that question.