6 Steps to Remarkable Messaging

I buy the coffee that I do because I buy what meets my needs and interests. I like coffee that is lightly roasted, preferably organic, and that comes from an organization that I can happily say I support. They’ve got me as a buyer. Their marketing worked because of their messaging. Their ability to engage and resonate with my needs, interests, and challenges as a consumer won me over.

Recently, we uncovered how a strong value proposition subsequently improves your positioning and messaging and the relationship these three marketing assets have with one another. Now it’s time to put a process to messaging. Here are 6 steps to put you well on your way to remarkable messaging.

1. Center your messaging around your positioning statement

You have a positioning statement for a reason. Use it to ensure that you are crafting your messaging for the proper audience and their needs, interests, and challenges.

2. Have a solidified, clear goal in mind 

What is the purpose of this messaging? Know what you want to achieve before you begin putting time and money into messaging. You wouldn’t invest three months in purely upper body workouts and then be shocked that you couldn’t run a marathon, would you? The same applies to messaging. Know your goal, then chart your course.

3. Approach it from the buyer’s point of view

Strong messaging is relevant to the buyer. If your messaging isn’t relevant to your target audience, it is likely due to a lack of understanding of your buyer’s perspective and even error in your positioning.

4. Remember your key differentiators from your value proposition 

An original message stands out. The best way to achieve being original is to use your unique differentiators in order to be memorable. Properly using your key differentiators requires a significant level of awareness of your competition. Always be looking for what your competitors are saying, or doing, and look for opportunities to present your uniqueness.

5. Make it eye-catching, and worthy of holding the attention of your audience

Memorable messaging is the only messaging that works. Consumers are busy and met with a sea of options. Creating messaging that is conveniently top of mind is the way to keep your audience coming back to you for more. 

6. Get to the point, don’t over-complicate things 

There's a fine line between being eye-catching and excessive. Strong messaging strives to make things easier for your buyer. You want to be understandable and able to get your point across. Focus on what your point is, and how you can best and most powerfully craft your message without loosing your audience. 

Always approach messaging with the buyer’s perspective in mind to avoid being lost in translation. At the end of the day, messaging only serves a purpose if it’s understood by, and relevant to, your potential buyer. With your value proposition, strategic position, and keen understanding of messaging, you can directly appeal to your prospective buyer needs, interests, and challenges.


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