Are You Ready For PPY?


What changes  will the college enrollment process experience as a result of the 2015 decision to allow use of Prior-Prior-Year tax information on the FAFSA? Is your school prepared to not only navigate them, but utilize the opportunities they provide?

We believe you can leverage PPY by adopting a customer-centric approach to servicing and selling prospective students/constituents. 


  • Establish seamless interaction and integration between Admissions & Financial Aid. 
  • Support this partnership with a consistent calendar of meetings and cross-training.
  • Prepare staff to answer common PPY related questions and objections. 


  • Maximize early commitments by monitoring alignment between buying & enrollment cycles.
  • Create & execute VCRs (Valid Reasons to Contact) for early commitments. 
  • Create & use Value Based messaging early and often to minimize melt. 

The new FAFSA PPY changes present unique opportunities for institutions that are prepared to take advantage of them. If you are interested in learning more ways to maximize commitments and minimize melt due to PPY, sign up for our free webinar on any of the dates listed below. 


Are You Ready for PPY?

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