Creating & Sustaining Prospective Student Interest: The Student's Path

To effectively nurture your prospective students, moving them through your marketing cycle, you must first understand what they are experiencing at all stages of it.  In our last blog, we looked at the marketing cycle from the perspective of a marketing department at a school. In this one, we'll switch sides to explore the student's experience along their path. 


The 4 stages of the marketing cycle, from the student's perspective

  • Awareness: The prospective student becomes aware of your school and its offerings. Example: Coming across an advertisement for your school online, or hearing about your programs through word of mouth.

  • Attraction: Acknowledging your school’s relevance to their search and beginning to research your offerings. Example: Viewing your website, reading a blog or browsing your social media.

  • Ascension: Moving beyond research and reading to engage in a virtual interaction with your school. Example: Conversion through a landing page, contact form or other means. You now have their contact information, and may begin adding them to communication workflows.

  • Action: Performing actions that cause them to become admissions qualified. Example: Depending on your qualification process, this step may include any number of actions, such as signing up to attend an on-campus event, beginning an application or requesting to speak with an admissions counselor.

Understanding what the marketing process, from beginning to end, looks like to your prospective students can not only help you better communicate with them, but can help you identify what stage they are at in the process and what steps they need to take to move to the next. 

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