A Value Proposition For Your School

At Value Based we like to help our client schools view themselves, and the value they offer, through the eyes of their prospective students/constituents. It's with this perspective that we find the most success in bringing the right prospective students into relationship with the right school.
If you’re a school that wants to create and articulate a strong value proposition, you can start by creating individual Value Statements for each degree program or service offering your school has, that addresses an Issue (ie; Prospective student/constituent degree program preference, financial aid need, housing interest, athletics, etc.).
Value Statements can then be supported with one or more features your school offers. Then, to further validate your Value Statement, you can share a prospective student/constituent story that illustrates how a need that they had was fulfilled by something your school provided them with. Here’s an example: 


We’ve just paid for two of our children to attend private colleges. So in order to save money we’re going to have our third child attend Junior College for two years and then transfer to a four-year college.


A student attending a Junior College and then transferring to a four year school can end up costing a family more money because it can take 5 or 6 years total to eventually graduate. This can delay starting a career and losing one to two years salary.

Feature Statement:
Example University offers a 4-year graduation guarantee.

Benefit Statement:
Example University believes that graduation in four years should be feasible for all students. You can spend up to six years completing the undergraduate degree requirements at many schools, thus adding to tuition costs.

Value Statement # 1:
Example University’s 4-year graduation guarantee ensures timely completion of a great liberal arts education, positioning students for transition into graduate school or a career of their choice ahead of most peers.

Value Statement # 2:

95.6% of Example University’s graduates have jobs or are in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

Now that you know what you need  we recommend you go to your VP or Director of Marketing. If they haven’t already developed this type of messaging our guess is that they will see and want to find a way to provide it.  In our work with universities across the country, we’ve found virtually all of them have wanted some form of assistance in developing a value messaging knowledge-base for their school. This resource can be used by anyone in the school who has prospective student facing responsibilities. You'll want everyone on campus who is representing your school to be saying the right things in the right ways.

Once your Marketing department has built out and distributed your school’s messaging, you’ll want to make sure your Admissions Counselors are consistently using it in their student/constituent visits and dialogues. Most schools we work with agree, from the President on down, that everyone on campus should have an interest and responsibility when it comes to the school’s enrollment. Everyone should be equipped and confident when talking to prospective students/constituents. The best way to ensure this is to provide them access to a digital value-based knowledge-base of messaging, similar to the example above.


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