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Higher Education Enrollment Training

Higher Ed enrollment training 

Expand & Improve 

Higher education leaders are charged with the task of increasing enrollments and improving students’ experience while keeping tuition costs down.

We’ve proven it’s possible to develop and deliver a learning curriculum and experience to admissions professionals in both private and public colleges and universities that is consistent with the culture of their school and the ethos of higher education.

Every month additional universities and colleges are engaging us to help them integrate value(s)-based, consultive sales with their admissions best practices. Let us do the same for you.

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Higher Education Employment

Hiring the right fit

Employ assets to your school 

The negative cost of employee turnover, and the positive value of employee retention, cannot be overlooked. The cost of making the wrong hire is significant, especially in the field of admissions. 

At Value Based, we’ve combined a proven recruiting and selection process with the best behavioral assessment tool to help you identify the right person for each role within your sales department.

We Help You:

  • Create an ideal value(s)-based profile for the position you wish to fill

  • Craft a position description and advertise to attract right fit applicants

  • Develop an interview/selection process that ensures a character, culture and competency fit

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Higher Education Marketing

Higher Ed marketing

Spend less and get more

Many schools today are spending 10's and 100's of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns trying to attract students. The result in many cases is an increase in inquiries and applications but a decrease in enrolled and deposited students. Application-to-enrollment ratios are not what they used to be causing some Enrollment leaders to declare . . . "Applications are the new Inquiry".

Value Based is working with colleges and universities to create and deploy inbound marketing campaigns, using the latest digital automation technology, to attract and gain access to best fit students while improving application-to-enrollment ratios for less cost. The emphasis here is on "less cost".   Let us do the same for you.   

Our team can help you:

  • Save you money and improve your results

  • Customize and personalize your communication flow to prospective students

  • Avoid looking and sounding like schools you cross-app with

  • Outsource, Insource or start with one that leads to the other


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