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I'm On Your Side, Now From This Side

Posted by  Vance Pascua  on Sep 16, 2019 2:45:00 PM

During my 29+ years in admissions, I often wondered what I would do “someday” with all that I had learned, experienced, failed at and accomplished. Then the phone would ring or a rookie counselor would drop by my office. My response to the caller or rookie, seeking answers to their questions, was often interrupted by my calendar alert advising me of a meeting in 10 minutes – across campus! – or, or, or, . . . and those thoughts quickly vanished.  You probably know what I mean!

The good news is that joining with Jim Allen and the Value Based, Inc. team, I have a wonderful opportunity to further explore those pondering thoughts with a purpose.

I feel there are many ways to help my colleagues, veteran and new alike, to navigate the current and future trends in Higher Education.  I figure that with the thousands of scenarios I have worked through…

  • phone calls I’ve taken,
  • committee meetings I’ve sat through,
  • counselors I’ve recruited, hired and trained,
  • the prospective students and parents with whom I’ve laughed, cried, and solved issues.
  • the high school and community college counselors with whom I’ve partnered,
  • the strategic enrollment companies with whom I’ve contracted,
  • the long hours of strategy sessions I’ve collaborated in
  • “The Road” I’ve travelled,

...I now have a platform or conduit to channel that information and experience into useful tools for others to implement and thrive with.

What I’ve found to be true is that the ever changing landscape of higher education, along with extreme levels of supply and demand for (and of) students, can drive any sane admission or  marketing professionals to the brink of despair. For many it has and now their schools are trying to recover.

College and university leaders are also scrambling to find “right fit” people to carry out their vision.  The new generation of admission and marketing professionals are entering these arenas doing their best to grasp the knowledge and expectations coming from both sides: prospective students, parents and constituents on one side and enrollment and marketing leadership on the other. They are challenged with bridging a cultural and generational knowledge and experiential gap of college search, planning and choice. This gap often seems more at odds, than in line, with one another.

I look forward to integrating the Value(s) Based Enrollment Methodology with my “in the trenches” experience to provide my colleagues with essential tools to empower and equip them and their school. I’m also excited about helping enrollment and marketing leaders to promote, matriculate and retain the desired incoming class through innovative admission and recruitment sales and marketing initiatives.


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