The challengeMarketing Improvement Training

As technology advances it becomes increasingly difficult for marketing professionals to gain and sustain access to their target markets while staying above the noise level.

Many organizations are re-branding or re-positioning their organizations in order to create sufficient competitive advantage that results in a steady flow of inquiries and leads. To do this, they need to improve their search engine rankings, website traffic, opt-in prospect databases, social media presence and email campaigns. . 

Another challenge is keeping up with changes in web management tools. Search engines constantly change their algorithms, causing marketing automation software providers to discard old features and create new ones to help clients improve their organic web presence.

Today’s challenge is not to leave behind traditional marketing methods that have worked, rather, it’s to integrate emerging technologies with them. So how does a marketing organization take advantage of new trends and technologies without losing their investment in what’s already working?

The solution

Marketing teams need to integrate best practices, proven processes, creativity, data analytics, new technologies for subject matter experts to oversee, integrate and execute them. Few organizations have all this knowledge, experience, resources and talent available at their disposal.

Here’s what Value Based can offer:

Complete marketing assistance: From lead generation planning, design and execution to creating blended email messaging, copywriting, HTML creation, hosting and reporting, and materials acquisition.

Integrated and themed inbound marketing campaigns: Development of high-impact demand generation content that drives website traffic.
  • Blogs
  • E-books
  • Social media
  • Calls-to- action (CTAs)
  • Webinars

On-demand marketing automation platform: Design and deploy an automated demand generation platform that includes:

  • Prospect messaging and nurturing
  • Closed loop marketing analytics
  • Management and distribution of leads to direct and/or indirect channel partners
Develop/articulate product, service and corporate value propositions: Working you’re your marketing personnel, create a corporate knowledgebase of product/service solution and value statements. Train the sales and marketing teams to message and articulate these statements to your different vertical markets.

The results

There are many benefits to adopting inbound marketing strategies and technology along with your traditional marketing methods. The best results occur when you partner with someone who can provide subject matter expertise and execution on all marketing components you want to deploy.

Some of our clients have implemented numerous disparate marketing technologies to grow their lead volume. While a good first step, what they saved in money, they often lost in time and results. Simply put, though advertised as integrated, plug-and- play tools, these multi-vendor solutions often required more understanding, knowledge and operational bandwidth than a single-vendor solution. 

We strongly recommend considering an affordable “all-in- one” marketing automation platform that gives you complete control of your content, channels, marketing, and sales performance while providing a 360-degree view of prospects, from inquiry to closed customer.  

So if you’re looking to implement new marketing practices, processes and technology and you want to partner with someone you can trust, Value Based can help.