The challengeSoftware SaaS Sales Training

Increased competition, the current COVID-19 pandemic, along with national and global economic pressures are causing software companies to face decreasing sales and/or shrinking margins. In response, instead of discounting and/or offering price/service concessions, software sales and marketing professionals need to learn to market and sell on value rather than on price to avoid commoditization.

Additionally, the now common SaaS (Software-as- a-Service) business model requires that a sales and marketing team learn and adopt a longer-term perspective that emphasizes client retention as never before. The SaaS pricing, delivery and payment model requires that sales and marketing teams execute different marketing and sales best practices/processes from that worked for on-premise licensed software.

These changes, more often than not, require a re-engineering of a software company's processes to align sales and marketing as well as practice a "closed loop" culture where both departments are held accountable.

The solution

Selling SaaS is unique—it's not like selling real-estate, insurance, or manufactured goods. It requires as much EQ as it does IQ. SaaS sales teams are now investing in and implementing an empathetic, highly consultive, service-centered approach to selling their software. Their attention is as much on keeping a client as it is on getting one in order to optimize the company's recurring revenue stream.

When you select Value Based as your partner to help you grow your top line, you get a company with proven experience and a successful track record: our team of experts have a combined 90-plus years of experience the SaaS/software industry. Our Solution Cycle process delivers a customized engagement for each client, crafted BY software sales/marketing professionals FOR software sales/marketing professionals.

The RFgen story

RFgen, a privately held mobile data collection software company founded in 1983, began it's Value Based journey in 2008. Despite looking at multiple alternatives for sales staff training, RFgen chose Value Based because of their unique approach to software sales. RFgen President Robert Brice commented, "We liked the idea of the Value Based selling because the key is not just being able to engage in a consultive and a solutions sale, but it has helped us to clearly understand and articulate our value proposition to the customer in a manner that differentiates us from the competition."
Since adopting the Value Based methodology, RFgen has seen continued growth over the last 5 years, and they continue putting new Account Executives and Consultants through the Value Based course. Brice comments, "We've met or exceded all of our sales targets and we look like we're going to do it again this year."
Brice advises, "If you are running or responsible for a sales organization you have sales people who are constantly discounting in order to win the business, you should probably look at this course." 


Our software clients

Since the release of Value Based Selling, over 5,500 software sales professionals have participated in VBS seminars and workshops throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Large software companies like IBM, Intuit and Sage, and software subsidiaries of 3M and GE, as well hundreds of small and midsize software companies have benefited from the VBS course.

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