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57% of sales team members will not meet quota this year.
Here's how sales team leaders can turn things around:


Give us your lowest-performing sales team members and we'll turn them around for you.


Invest in your middle-tier performers to get the "biggest bang for the buck."


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Sales Certification Facts


Professional Saleswoman

Sales Certification

By SaaS/Software Sales Professionals For SaaS/Software Sales Professionals

The Value Based program provides:

  • Measurable Results: The course's design and delivery method ensures content retention, utilization, and the ability to measure the results of your team learning the 33 VBS Best Practices.

  • Continuous Coaching: Initial and on-going sales coaching assures sustained sales performance improvement year-over-year.

  • Sustained Results: Participants move beyond “knowing” (head knowledge) to “doing” (executing) the VBS methodology as part of a “Can Do Competency” culture.

Is it time to certify sales professionals? We think so. Download our eBook to see if the time is right for certifying your team.

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Our program with certification option is administered by highly skilled former sales executives with “been there, done that” track records. We are able to engage sales professionals of all experience levels in a challenging, fun and stimulating adult-learning experience. Best of all, both the company and the sales representatives that invest in our sales certification program have the potential to see measurable and sustained results beyond their previous experience.

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