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Admissions Readiness Survey

Just how ready is your campus to "own" Admissions? We've developed this 21-question survey based on years of experience training and equipping sales/company-wide and admissions/campus-wide professionals on how to "own" sales and admissions. 

(If "admissions-readiness" is a new concept for you click the button below to hear an interview with Dr. Al Cureton, President, University of Northwestern-St Paul who has made "owning admissions" a priority for his entire campus.) 

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Admissions Readiness Survey


- All survey responses are made anonymous before sharing compiled data. -

This survey consists of 21 questions that should take approximately 10 minutes to help you assess your Admissions-readiness and the degree of buy-in
to a campus-wide "everyone owns Admissions" attitude.
Please be sure to click the "SUBMIT" button at the end of the survey when you're finished. You'll receive the results of your survey in a multi-page page report in 5 to 7 days via email. 
You'll also receive a report of how your institution's survey results compare to those of your peers when the survey is closed on July 1st.