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Access the recording of the webinar featuring Dr. Al Cureton,
President at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul:

Creating A Campus That Owns Admissions MP4

Webinar Recording

Download the webinar (50 min.) to hear Dr. Al Cureton answer questions on how to create a campus that owns Admissions.

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Download the infographic for a concise Q&A compilation of the questions asked and Dr. Cureton's answers.

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As mentioned on the webinar and in answer to several questions on how to motivate Admissions teams, download our e-book: Motivating Your Admissions Staff eBook.


Webinar Content Overview

In this webinar, Dr. Al Cureton graciously answers questions from our enrollment experts and webinar attendees on the following topics:

1. When you oversaw Enrollment was there anything you wished your president had done to support a culture of "everyone owning Admissions"?
2. What advice would you give to a VP, Dean, or Director that would help them empower everyone on campus to own Admissions?
3. How does one get to a place where the whole campus is able to embrace an "everyone on campus owns Admissions" perspective?
4. What role does data play in gaining buy-in from the overall campus community?
5. How much, and what kind, of data do you recommend to launch, manage, and monitor the success of this type of initiative?
6. How do you gain the attention and/or buy-in from Faculty?
7. How do you deal with the mindset that "more students means more work"?
8. How do you help and motivate those that are a long way from your campus-side vision?
9. What is the President's role and responsibility in initiating and reinforcing the "All In" campus attitude?
10. What can you provide that will equip the program and department leaders to execute an "All In" strategy and tactics?
11. What kind of affirmation and reward systems can you put in place to reinforce an "All In" attitude?

"The fastest and least expensive way to increase enrollment
is to provide sales training for your Admissions Counselors."
- Rob Westervelt, former VP of Enrollment at George Fox University
(After 5 Consecutive Record-breaking Enrollment Years)

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