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Let us help you get budget LP Hero

Latest Webinar Recording:
Let Us Help You Get Budget for Yield-Increasing Admissions Training

You'll hear enrollment experts (Dave Lofthouse, Jim Allen, and Cathy Garland) at Value Based share how you can build and present a business case to support a request for budget—a budget to train your Admissions Counselors on the 33 value-based, consultative best sales practices for Higher Ed.


Webinar Content Overview

  • How training your Counselors to execute up to 33 Value(s) Based Enrollment Methodology (VBEM) consultive selling best practices/processes will improve your YIELD.
  • How representing the value of your institution can decrease discounting and the number of students lost to less costly competitive schools.
  • How to create rapid increases in enrollment through training, that provide an immediate ROI
  • A slide deck, with related messaging, that presents a “no brainer” business case for sales training that even the most frugal President or CFO will consider.


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We've helped many colleges and universities generate millions of dollars in sustained enrollment increase. We work with all higher education institutions: public and private four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical institutions, and professional career schools.

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