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Looking to motivate your admissions team differently? Here are some resources from our experts:

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One of the most appreciated morale boosts: Professional Development

Research says that 54% of professionals feel they need coaching while 60% of their leaders say they don’t have the bandwidth or a system to provide it. In our decades of experience recruiting, training, motivating and sustaining improved sales (admissions) performance we believe one-on-one coaching and/or peer group professional development often brings the largest morale boost.

Additionally, research from CSO Insights has found that any organization with a formal and dynamic sales (enrollment) process will perform better than one that doesn't. 

The challenge is that most Admissions leaders don't have access to—nor the bandwidth to implement—a dynamic and formal enrollment process or methodology. Having an admissions-focused professional development curriculum your team can execute and become proficient in will increase their yield. The reason so many Admissions counselors go off-script or become free-stylers, reverting to comfortable but ineffective habits, is because they have no proven enrollment curriculum or methodology to follow. To coach to proficiency, one must have a set curriculum from which to coach. 

So where does this leave Admissions leaders? Our decades of experience, training over 5,500 sales professionals and 100's of Admissions Counselors, supports our, and our over 35 college and university clients claim that there is no other admissions-focused best practice/process methodology available  that has proven to increase yield like the Value Based Enrollment Methodology.

In summation, a formal and dynamic sales (enrollment) process that includes a system of coaching an Admissions leader follows, will not only increase enrollment but improve Counselor morale.  As the Counselor team improves their performance through better best practice/process execution, and as they see their yield increase, they’ll become more confident. With more confidence comes success. And success breeds success, which in turn improves morale!

Remember: A commitment to continuous proficiency improvement will usually motivate individual counselors and increase enrollment for the institution.

So if you want to build a culture of success that motivates your entire Admissions team to succeed by modeling and encouraging individual best-practice/process improvement, we invite you to fill out the form below to talk with one of our enrollment experts.