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Webinar Recording

Download the webinar: Hear From Your Peers: Embrace The Admissions Readiness Movement. Featuring enrollment leaders, Lindsay Knox, VP of Enrollment at George Fox University, and Erick Klein, VP of Enrollment at University of Northwestern - St. Paul.


As mentioned in the webinar, we've created a 21-question Admissions Readiness Survey. This diagnostic tool can highlight where your institution is on the Admissions Readiness Scale and how your results compare with your peers.

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Schedule a consultation with Dr. Alan Cureton, former president of University of Northwestern - St. Paul, and Jim Allen, Author and founder of Value Based, to learn more about the three phases of achieving campus-wide Admissions Readiness.

"Investing in campus-wide Admissions Readiness has the potential to answer the urgent enrollment dilemma."

- Dr. Alan Cureton, former President of University of Northwestern - St. Paul

Meet Our Speakers

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Lindsay Knox

Vice President of Enrollment & Marketing

George Fox University

Lindsay is currently serving as the Vice President for Enrollment at Marketing at George Fox University, the largest private university in the State of Oregon. In what has become a unique professional story, Lindsay has spent all of her 17-year career in higher education at George Fox. She started in an entry-level position and worked her way up to joining the President's Executive Leadership Team in the summer of 2020. Her expertise is primarily in student recruitment tactics and financial aid leveraging. Her enrollment teams are industry leaders known for their innovative strategies and high-achieving results in difficult market conditions.

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Erick Klein

 Vice President of Enrollment

University of Northwestern - St. Paul

Erick Klein serves as Vice President for Enrollment Management & Marketing for the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. His areas of responsibility include Admissions, Financial Aid, Marketing and Trad Retention, helping students to discover, enroll, finance, and persist at Northwestern. Erick has served Northwestern since 2010, beginning in Student Life and later moving into Enrollment Management.

The 2024 Admissions Readiness Survey is open!


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