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Value Based Sales Training

Value based sales 

Learn to sell on value not price

Does your organization struggle with discovering and articulating your value proposition?  Would you like messaging for your products and services? Easily 90% of our clients ask us to train their sales teams to educate, communicate and sell on value, not price.

The Value Based Sales methodology was designed to equip sales professionals to sell on value, not price, thereby preserving margins and minimizing concessions.

Explore Our:

  • 15 module-course

  • Containing  exercises, practice sessions, peer collaboration and live simulations

  • Delivered in person, online or blended format

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Software SaaS Sales Training

Software/SaaS sales training

Choose a program developed for you

Selling software and services is different than selling other products and services. Ask any software sales professoinal that's sat through a generic , sales tips and techniques training course. Software and services are an intanglible, user-specific, high value solution that requires a value-based,  consultive sales process that sustains a re-occurring revenue stream from retained customers.  

A successful sales improvement initiative requires a program that’s highly relevant and 100% applicable to selling your specific products/services within your target markets.

Value Based Selling (VBS) is the only sales approach originally developed by software sales professionals for software sales professionals.

Since the release of Value Based Selling, over 5,500 software sales professionals have participated in VBS seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. You could be next.

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Higher Education Employment

Hiring the right fit

Employ assets to your company 

With 70 to 80 percent of the total cost of sales tied up in personnel, it's critical that organizations find and hire the right fit. And depending on whose research you read, annual salesperson attrition rates range from 25 to well over 40 percent.

Most sales leaders haven't calculated the ROI of using a formal sales hiring process to help them find and hire the right fit.  According to Dave Stein, the risk of mis-hiring is reduced by between $20,000 to $40,000 per hour of a sales leader's time. That’s based on a $500k cost of a bad hire for the technology sector

At Value Based, we’ve combined a proven recruiting and selection process with the best behavioral assessment tool to help you identify the right person for each role within your sales department.

We Help You:

  • Create an ideal value(s)-based profile for the position you wish to fill

  • Craft a position description and advertise to attract right fit applicants

  • Develop an interview/selection process that ensures a character, culture and competency fit  

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Higher Education Enrollment Training

Higher Ed enrollment training

Expand & Improve 

Higher education leaders are charged with the task of increasing enrollments and improving students’ experience while keeping tuition costs down.

We’ve proven it’s possible to develop and deliver a learning curriculum and experience to admissions professionals in both private and public colleges and universities that is consistent with the culture of their school and the ethos of higher education.

Every month additional universities and colleges are engaging us to help them integrate value(s)-based, consultive sales with their admissions best practices. Let us do the same for you.

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Sales And Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment

Find growth through unity

Over 80% of leads a marketing department produces do not receive proper and timely attention.  87% of sales and marketing personnel describe each other in negative terms. Something is wrong, and with stakes involving revenue, relationships and office politics, it can't be ignored.

We look beneath the symptom level to discover root causes and effects of any disconnects. Then, we work with you to correct, change or eliminate them.

Our Team:

  • Discovers the root causes of any disconnects

  • Assesses the current state of marketing & sales communications

  • Crafts a vision for an aligned future with both departments

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