The challengeValue Based Sales Training

Many organizations struggle with discovering and articulating their product/service value proposition. Once discovered, they are challenged with how and where to articulate it in their current or desired sales process. In response, organizations often engage a well-known sales training company to spend a day or two with their sales force presenting generic sales tips and techniques. This normally leads to the sales team feeling temporarily motivated with minimal retention and utilization of the training content. The result is an expensive training course with a short term spike in sales, normally over the next 3 months but not much beyond. Additionally, sales may increase but what about margins and profitability?

Easily 90% of our clients ask us to train their sales teams to sell on value, not price. They want their sales teams to stop eroding company margins by discounting price or granting concessions to get a deal. Selling value eliminates the need to discount. Regardless of the market or industry sector, most sales teams need training on how to better represent the value of their products/services to their target markets.

The solution

The Value Based Selling methodology was designed to train sales professionals on how to discover “value need” and articulate “value given” when working with prospects and customers. The methodology trains and equips them to discover, create, and articulate the value of theiorganization’s products and services.

The course contains 15 modules and is delivered in person, online or in a blended format. Rich in exercises, role plays and opportunities to collaborate with peers, it helps them apply the training to real-life selling situations.

The results

The objective of Value Based Selling is to equip sales professionals to sell on value, not price, thereby preserving margins and minimizing concessions. In the process, the organization develops unique value-based messaging for its products/services to be used on their website, product literature, spec sheets, presentations and proposals.

In addition to the value-based content the training curriculum will also:

  • Decrease number of calls (and cost of sales) in your sales cycle by employing strategic and effective 1-to-1 selling strategies

  • Eliminate time wasted on leads that are not sales qualified by learning advanced qualification skills that differentiate between suspects and qualified prospects

  • Increase competitive wins by reading and adapting your selling style to your prospect’s buying style

  • Gain “cradle-to- grave” customers by establishing transparent, authentic and trusting relationships

  • Increase your close ratios by tracking, comparing and improving each of your rep’s pipeline proficiency rates

Our clients

Here are some of our clients...

 PaperWorks    Kukui ula    Schebler    Western Sugar Cooperative

                              IBM     Intuit     sage         3M          

                                                   GE Healthcare     Astec Industries, Inc.