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Webinar Recording

Download the webinar (30 min.) to hear Dr. Al Cureton and Dr. Amy Carey as they answer Jim Allen's questions leading beyond the enrollment cliff through Vision, Trust, & Alignment.

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Download the infographic for a concise Q&A compilation of the questions asked and the expert panel's answers. Great for sharing and on mobile devices!


As mentioned, we've created an Admissions Readiness Survey. This diagnostic tool can highlight areas of need and how your results compare with your peers.

"The fastest and least expensive way to increase enrollment
is to provide sales training for your Admissions Counselors."
- Rob Westervelt, former VP of Enrollment at George Fox University
(After 5 Consecutive Record-breaking Enrollment Years)

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Vision, Trust, & Alignment Webinar Content Overview

In this webinar, our expert panel answers questions the following questions:

  • Leading Beyond The Enrollment Cliff: Is a new and/or renewed vision required? Could you share your vision with the webinar attendees?

  • Dr. Alan, you have expressed that the focus needs to be on campus-wide Admissions-Readiness initiatives...can you tell us what you've done to address this important concept?.

  • How can leaders build the trust that is crucial to everyone buying into the new or renewed vision? In particular, how can leaders build trust around Admissions Readiness across the campus culture? What undermines or breaks down trust among higher ed professionals? And what did you do to build trust?

  • Can you talk about the alignment between marketing and admissions and how it helps to accomplish the vision? In particular, how alignment impacts Admissions Readiness? What are the typical or common places of misalignment in Higher Education? We know about the misalignment between marketing and enrollment, but what are the other areas that sometimes get misaligned that leaders should beware of?

  • Why are difficult times the perfect time for Presidents and VPs of Enrollment to cast a new or renewed vision? What are the biggest obstacles to the execution and fulfillment of a vision? What are some of the biggest ones you've faced personally?

  • Question from the webinar attendees: How can leaders break down silos, improve departmental alignment, and inspire prospective student-facing staff to prioritize enrollment?