Sales process training

Increase top-line revenues and improve margins by learning and executing proven value-based sales practices.


Marketing alignment

Create innovative marketing campaigns and targeted content that produce sales-ready leads that turn into customers.


Selling Value Over Price: Webinar

Are global and personal economic demands and increased competition putting pressure on you and your sales team to offer price and discount concessions? Are your margins eroding and your products/services being commoditized? If you answered yes to either of these questions you’ll want to attend this webinar to learn the “why”, “what”, “when” and “how” of integrating value based selling best practices into your existing sales process.

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Revenue-producing solutions

Higher education enrollment

Higher Education Enrollment

Integrating value(s)-based sales with Admissions Counseling processes.

Value based selling

Value Based Sales

An integrated approach for selling value over price for all industry sectors.

Software/technology sales

Software/SaaS Sales

A proven sales methodology tailored for software/technology companies.

Personalizing sales

Sales/Marketing Alignment

Increase revenues and decrease costs by aligning sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing improvement

Marketing Improvement

Reduce lead cost through inbound marketing strategies and campaigns.

Hiring the right fit

Hiring the Right Fit

Find, recruit and retain “Right Fit” sales and marketing professionals.

4 crucial components



Hire the right PEOPLE



PROMOTE your products & services



Establish & align your PROCESSES



Nurture your company PRESENCE

Clients are saying...

“We’ve recorded four record-breaking freshman classes in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 since completing the Value(s) Based Enrollment Methodology.”

Rob Westervelt, EVP, Enrollment/Marketing
George Fox University

“Jim, thank you for speaking at the North American Sales Rally. Your presentations were well received and your points hit home. It’s clear from their comments that the IBM sales team appreciates Value Based Selling.”

Bill Hubler, Program Manager
IBM Corporation

“Our company has experienced continuous, mid-double digit, year-over-year sales growth since implementing Value Based Selling. All our existing and new Account Executives and Consultants have completed the course since 2008."

Rob Brice, President
RFgen Software

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