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Your People Will Make Or Break You

Posted by  valuebased  on Oct 13, 2020 2:00:00 PM

Hiring the right people the first time around is critical. They’re not only the most valuable asset but, in most cases, the greatest cost. The primary cause of employee turnover today is not poor job performance, rather it is poor employee recruiting processes and selection criteria.

Our updated e-book, The 4P's To Revenue Growth, examines the four levers organizations have to increase revenue.

The​ surest way for an organization to increase and sustain revenues is to attract, recruit and retain the best talent (People) that can conceive and create the right sales and marketing strategies (Promotion). Once the strategies are in place, create processes and equip team(s) to execute them (Process). Once all these are in place and operating successfully, the right culture (Presence) must exist to keep it all together.


Stat: 46% of new hires fail vs. 19% who achieve success.

Stat: 46% of new hires fail 19% who achieve success.


In our experience—supported by evidence1—the primary cause of employee turnover today is not poor job performance, rather, poor employee recruiting processes and selection criteria.

If​ you've inherited, or recently hired your staff, and assuming you're satisfied with their performance, retention is probably your main concern. This is where culture or presence comes into play.

However, if you need new or different people, starting with recruitment, selection and onboarding is essential.

Step One: Define Success

Create a job description that includes a success profile of the core values of individuals that have demonstrated success in that job previously. Too often, this step is skipped, leaving new hires unsure of expectations, which causes stress, tension, and conflict.

Step Two: Assess For Success

Use an assessment instrument that will help identify individuals with matching attributes so the likelihood of finding the right fit is increased. If you are unsure how to utilize such an assessment successfully, contact our experts. You are looking for not just an assessment of the person, but also a clear understanding of how that person fits into a context.

Step Three: Profile Success

Combine the job description and assessment tool results to create an accurate success profile for each position, then write an engaging and compelling position description that goes beyond the job description. This allows you to market the job to the right candidates and saves time by pre-screening applicants before investing in reviewing their resumes.

Step Four: Role Play Success

Once​ the top “right fit” candidates have been selected, start both an individual and team interview process. Use the team to run through a role play that helps assess each finalist's ability to perform an important aspect of the job.

To learn about the other P's, download the full e-book or our other 4P's resources below:

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At​ Value Based, we’re focused on maximizing the sales and marketing functions of your organization. When both departments function as one they’re more likely to achieve your revenue goals. It’s the optimization and synergy of these 4P’s within your sales and marketing departments that will make the difference. Contact us via email or call 800.597.1873.


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