[Free Assessment] Is Your School Sales-Ready?


Consultive sales . . . is it right for your school and are you ready for it?  Higher education admissions is more competitive than ever and colleges and universities are looking for ways to equip their Admissions Counselors with training that will help them increase enrollments.


Here at Value Based, we train Admissions and Advancement teams in how to integrate consultive sales with their Admissions best practices to increase tuition and gift revenues through:

  • Customizing and personalizing their messaging to individual prospective students, constituents, and donors. 

  • Discerning best fit prospective students and donors in order to steward (allocate) their time accordingly. 

  • Confident and effective responses to objections/challenges on the value (or cost) of attending our school.  

  • Calm, confident and courageous closing and converting of prospective students, constituents and donors.   

And more . . .

Investing in a Sales Methodology isn't confined to Fortune 500 or other industry organizations.  With the landscape of higher ed dramatically different today, more colleges and universities are investing in sales training to increase tuition and gift revenues. Ignoring the need to gain a larger share of the shrinking market of higher education is to disregard many of the important tools at your school's disposal. 

Are your Admissions and Advancement teams ready to implement a consultive sales methodology? To what degree is it needed? To help you determine that, we've created a survey that assesses not only your need for consultive sales best practices, but also your department's readiness to accept and implement the training. 

Take this survey to assess how ready your school is to integrate consultive sales with your Admissions' best practices. 


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