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Struggling to Stand Out?

The Team At Value Based Inc.
Posted by  The Team At Value Based Inc.  on Jan 21, 2020 4:30:00 PM

Higher education is a sector where differentiation is paramount because the result for students is typically the same: to receive accredited recognition for their academic fulfillment. So, how does a university demonstrate to prospective students that their institution is unique from the rest and ensure the university brand isn’t lost in the sea of options?


One of the biggest mistakes universities make is promoting their distinctives, thinking that's enough. The problem is many institutions promote the same distinctives. If it's cross-app schools promoting the same ones as your institution, you won't be seen as different or memorable. Additionally, it gives those at your institution that voice the distinctives a false sense of confidence.

Your institution's marketing department needs to invest in finding or creating, researching, articulating, and promoting differentiators. Once finished, marketing can further curate them for the website, social media, drip campaigns, counselor communication flows, etc.

Another form of differentiator can be a distinctive that is expressed or delivered differently or "better" than how another institution does.

In short, a differentiator is something unique about your institution that no other institution offers or a differentiator can begin as a distinctive but your institution finds a way to offer, deliver, or execute it better than others.

Broadcasting or promoting the same distinctives as cross-app schools can work against a university's efforts to differentiate its school brand. Why be a lemon in a bin full of lemons? To appeal to students in a competitive market, stand out from the crowd.

Many universities promote their acclaimed programs, small class sizes, and beautiful campuses but successful enrollment teams know and can confidently share what makes their university truly different. This doesn’t mean that these aren't valuable or that a university shouldn’t pride itself on these qualities. However, to stand out in a market full of similar noise, say less but mean more. Find a way to focus on what is truly unique and unparalleled then dive into the why and how of the differentiator as it will help counselors communicate the value(s) of the university's brand as well as present authentic, relatable examples.  

This brings us to the next point: back up those differentiators with authentic, relatable examples. Consider George Fox University: they found distinct and unparalleled value in their “Be Known” promise that students are known academically, spiritually, and personally at their small Christian university. They then took this and backed it up with their heightened dedication to campus visits because the “Be Known” promise can then be felt and seen by a prospective student and their constituents. (Download for the full story.)

To help discover and articulate disctinctives, start with these questions: What are we doing right? What do students say?  We've developed an eBook to help colleges and universities work through these and other helpful questions in this process:

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Lastly, don't forget to research cross-app schools. What are they saying? What's their brand promise? Once the differentiators are isolated, then weave them into the institution's value proposition and associated messaging (more on this, click here).

To build this into the cross-university culture, leaders should continually reward and reinforce (with living examples) any behaviors that deliver on the university's brand promise. For more information on how to build a successful enrollment team that delivers confidently, read Vance Pascua's blog on the topic.


The Team at Value Based


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