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Selling and Marketing Value

Jim Allen
Posted by  Jim Allen  on Feb 6, 2020 12:50:43 PM
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Is the current global Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis, economic demands, and/or increased competition putting pressure on you and your sales team to offer price and discount concessions? Are your margins eroding and your products/services being commoditized?

If you answered yes, listen to this webcast on the “why”, “what”, “when” and “how” of integrating value-based selling or consultative selling best practices into your existing sales process. Value-selling or selling value eliminates discounts by conveying confidently—upfront and at every stage of the sales cycle—the value an organization provides to it's clients.

And, if you haven't developed value-messaging (clear, concise, practiced messaging utilized across the organization), contact our experts for a conversation on this valuable consultative selling skill.

This webcast covers topics such as:

Why would a prospect hesitate to purchase your product/services?

- Has your prospect attached adequate value to your products?

- Is your prospect sure of the return on their investment?

- Is your prospect certain of your product's value to their company?

- Do they have a comparison of their cash outlay, versus the value they will receive?

- Do they have confidence in your proposal, and in you?

How Value Statements are the key to preparing presentations and proposals that result in win-win, long-term relationships between you and your prospects

The difference between features, benefits and value statements

- Feature: A feature is a characteristic, capability, component or capacity of your product or service.

- Benefit: A benefit statement qualifies the impact of your product or service for your prospect.

- Value Statement: A value statement quantifies the impact of your product or service for your prospect.

Three types of values:

1) Financial Value represents dollar and/or new revenue opportunities for your prospect that result because of the implementation of your product and/or service

(2) Procedural Value represents efficiency and productivity increases for your prospect’s company that result because of the implementation of your product and/or service

(3) Image Value represents the enhanced reputation your prospect will gain as a result of implementing your product and/or service.

Two perspectives of values:

1) Corporate Win

2) Personal Win

What is a Value Matrix and why is important?

- Financial Value - How to identify?

- Procedural Value - How to identify?

- Personal Image Value - How to identify?

What is the Three Benefit Valuation System?

- Internal Value

- External Value

- Protection/Recovery Value

What is Product Cost Justification?



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